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New Brunswick's Energy Future

NB Power is working to become a more dynamic, forward-looking and customer-driven company. On this journey we're exploring new tools and technology that will give customers more control over their energy use and monthly power bills. We're also looking for new ways to put more green energy on the grid, while using less energy overall.

Our goal is to make better use of energy in New Brunswick, reducing the need for future spending on power plants. That's why we're investing now in consumer education, green infrastructure programs, pilot projects with energy-saving home and industrial heating units and technology to enable electric vehicles.

The cornerstone is a 10-year partnership with Siemens Canada to integrate Smart Grid into the provincial electrical system. Siemens is working with NB Power to build Canada's first fully-integrated 'energy internet' enabling all-way communications between customers and their homes, power plants, distribution systems and customers.

Learn more about how NB Power is planning for our energy future.