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MY NB Power: Frequently Asked Questions

NB Power has provided answers to some of the more common questions posed by our customers as they navigate self-service. For additional support please contact us between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm via telephone at 1-888-544-2333.

Why can't I register for NB Power self service?

Consumption Graph

View Billing and Payment History



1. Why can't I register for NB Power self service?

Bill Information:

Are you using the most recent copy of your bill?

  • Are you using the exact account name (top left side of bill), account number (top right side of bill), meter number, and amount due?
  • Is your first name on the bill an initial? If yes, put the initial in as your first name.
  • Did you get a new meter? Try both your old and new meter numbers.
  • Does your name include initials? A middle name? If so, did you include them in the first section of the registration (Name As Shown On Bill)?

Word Verification:

  • Are you struggling with the word verification? Try it again—the word verification expires so you will get a new one once you submit again.

2.  Consumption Graph Questions

  • Why is the graph for my house account displaying different months than the graph for my cottage account?
    • It depends on when your bill was issued: the graph aligns with the issue month of your bill. If your cottage bill was last issued in August but the last bill for your house was received in September they would have different comparison timeframes.
  • Why is the graph blank for my account?
    • Is this a new account? There may not be any consumption history to display.

3. View Billing and Payment History

  • How do I see my previous bills?
    • Go to the View Billing and Payment History page, click on the magnifying glass icon for the past bill you wish to view.

4. Payments

  • Why do I receive a confirmation number when I pay my bill online? Why do I need a confirmation number when I report a payment?
    • The confirmation number is a number provided:
      • when you submit your payment online
      • when you submit your payment at a depot
    • It's the number that allows NB Power to match up a reported payment with the actual transaction.



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