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Tree maintenance around power lines

Balancing Environment and Energy Reliability

New Brunswick has the highest percentage of tree cover of any electrical jurisdiction in North America. This means we invest in long-term, preventative maintenance to ensure NB Power can deliver electricity safely and reliably to customers.

Forest Management and Reliable Energy

tree maintenace diagram

Which trees need maintenance?

NB Power's certified arborists and foresters work to maintain a balance between the environment and infrastructure reliability.

Safety-based Decisions

tree trimming diagram

How are trees trimmed?

We follow international science based pruning standards and guidelines for all tree maintenance on public or private properties.

Trimming Standards

Determining a safe distance to plant trees

Before planting trees and shrubs around your property, please consider the location of overhead power lines. It's important to think about how large a plant will reach at maturity and which shrubs or trees are best-suited to grow in the vicinity of power lines. Refer to Planting near Power Lines for a listing of shrubs and trees and appropriate distances to plant near power lines.

For more information on our program call 1-800-663-6272.