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First Responders

As emergency personnel, the very nature of your work often puts you in extremely hazardous situations.  When responding to the scene of a fire, car accident or other potentially dangerous situation, it is important to remain mindful that electricity may be involved.  Electricity is a major part of our lives, power lines and underground wiring are all around us.  At the scene of a fire or accident live wires can energize objects around them creating unseen electrical hazards.  It only takes a fraction of a second to come into contact with an energized object or overhead or underground line, and it can result in serious injury or death.

In the summer of 2008, as part of our ongoing Public Safety Program, NB Power provided all First Responders in the province with a bilingual Electrical Safety Awareness Kit. Feedback received from all corners of New Brunswick was overwhelmingly positive. When responding to the scene of an incident, having the right information is key to keeping you and others safe! This is why NB Power is pleased to be partnering with the Canadian Electricity Association to bring you another valuable addition to your learning library. CEA offers a comprehensive program describing 6 unique scenarios involving First Responders, and the safest method for dealing with each situation.  For copies simply visit www.electricity.ca/theinvisiblekiller/ to access the complete kit electronically.



NB Power also offers electrical safety presentations by request. Should you wish to schedule a presentation or if you have further questions, please contact Melinda Mallery, Public Safety at NB Power - mmallery@nbpower.com. We also have a safety booklet, Electrical Safety Booklet for Emergency Personnel for first responders.


Click here to view the Electrical Safety Booklet for Emergency Personnel.



 NB Power would also like to take the time to remind you that in any emergency situation where electricity could be involved, your electric utility should always be called to the scene. It is vital to get the right message to the right utility people as quickly as possible. Use the special non-listed numbers available through the Fire Marshall's office or Police Chiefs' association.


In the event of an emergency, First Responders can call NB Power at 1 800 663-6272.