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Tips For Kids

Electricity is a great tool that allows us to do many things like operate computers and watch TV. But, if not used with care, electricity can be dangerous.

Be careful around electrical outlets, power lines and electrical equipment. If you're careful and follow some simple rules, you can always be safe.

Watch what you're doing - look up and look all around. Here are some rules that will help keep you safe wherever you are:

NEVER play around a substation.

ALWAYS fly your kite in an open field, far from power lines. If your kite does become tangled in a power line, tell your mom or dad and they can call NB Power or your local utility and they will come and get it down for you.

CLIMB trees only if you are sure there are no power lines running near or through them.

STAY far away from any power line you see on the ground.

ALWAYS stay away from anything electrical - like radios, hair dryers or pop machines when you're wet.

NEVER climb anything near power lines - especially power poles and fences found around substations or transmission towers. Transmission towers carry a large amount of electricity!

STAY away from signs that say DANGER.

NEVER pull a plug out by the cord.

NEVER put anything except plugs in electrical outlets.

ALWAYS obey signs that tell you to KEEP OUT.

NEVER stick objects in plugged appliances.

STAY away from lightning - it is a very powerful and extremely concentrated form of electricity.

NEVER open a fuse box. And finally, ALWAYS warn others to stay away from dangerous situations.

Your teacher and parents know about electrical safety. Ask them for help if you have questions.