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Once you've decided to enroll in the Embedded Generation program, you can take the following steps to enroll:

  • Complete the Embedded Generation Interconnection Application form.
  • Upon completion of the form, NB Power will complete an impact assessment with respect to the maximum generation for the proposed site and the safety and reliability of the distribution system.
  • Any analysis conducted by NB Power will be subject to charges in order to recover costs incurred.
  • Once approved, a Power Purchase Agreement specific to the project will be signed. Expectations are that the IPP would enter into a long-term agreement for a term no less than 20 years.
  • After construction begins, NB Power will attend the first synchronization of the generator and perform or request testing as required.

  • Embedded Generation project size is limited to a portion of the local load on the distribution system. Certain areas of the distribution system are more limited than others in their ability to accept Embedded Generation; therefore, generation output may be limited or restricted in certain areas of the province.