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O. Fees and Charges

Rate Schedules and Policies Manual

O. Fees and Charges



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A connection fee of $85.93 is charged for all initial service connections including metered Temporary Facilities.

For multiple metered installations, e.g., Apartment Buildings, the $85.93 fee applies to the service for the common area. If there is no separate service for the common area, this charge applies to the first service connected. The remainder of the initial connections in multiple metered Premises will be charged the service call fee and not the connection fee.

Connection of a mobile home to NB Power Facilities that requires installation of an Overhead Service Loop is considered to be an initial installation.

A seasonal reconnection fee of $135.49 is applicable to the reconnection of an existing seasonal service to NB Power Facilities if the reconnection is for the same occupants of the Premises.

Connection And Reconnection Fees


If a Customer requests service outside NB Power's normal working hours, or prior to normal scheduled service, an after hours fee will be charged in addition to the connection or service call fee.

The after hours fee is $70.57 for jobs requiring two (2) person hours or less, including travel. For jobs requiring more than two (2) person hours, the after hours fee is set at NB Power's incremental cost of providing the service.

After Hours Fee


The late payment charge for all Customers is 1½% per month (effective annual rate 19.56% per annum or .04896% compounded daily rate).

The minimum late payment charge is 50¢. If an Account is less than $4.00 in arrears, no late payment charge is applied.

Late Payment Charge


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