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NB Power to finish LED project ahead of schedule


Fredericton, N.B. – NB Power is helping municipalities across the province save money and energy by replacing thousands of conventional street lights with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.

Work crews began replacing high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs with the brighter, more efficient LED's this spring. The first phase of the project was initially scheduled to be completed by October 2013, but is now on track to finish in September.

Installation of more than 17,000 LEDs around the province have been following NB Power's pre-existing planned maintenance schedules. To date, bulbs have been installed in municipalities including Riverview, Miramichi, Grand Falls and Fredericton with installations fully completed in Dieppe, St Stephen, St. George, St. Andrews and Shediac. By the end of September, installations will occur in Kedgwick to Charlo, Grand Manan to Campobello Island, and Moncton.

By the end of the year, there will have been approximately 22,000 LED lights installed in these areas.

"This initiative is a money saver for our municipal customers and an environmental benefit for all our customers" said Sherry Thomson, Vice President of Customer Service, Distribution and Transmission. "These lights will use significantly less energy each year and are an important part of our strategy to reduce and shift energy demand in the province. This strategy is aimed at keeping rates low and stable for our customers by reducing the need to build new generation facilities in the future. In addition to the energy savings, these lights will also provide significant environmental benefits for our province. Once the current street lights have been replaced with the new LEDs, we will be able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 324,000 tonnes over the next 20 years."

NB Power is moving forward with this ambitious project after seeing a strong business case which forecasts about $6 million in savings over the 20 year lifespan of these lights. They are less expensive to operate, more reliable and will last 14 years longer than the current HPS bulbs. The LED lights NB Power is using meet the Illuminating Engineer Society's standards, and the beams from the LED's are more direct than HPS bulbs, resulting in better colour rendition and consistent light across the roadway. The light is also more direct than that of the HPS bulbs, which will reduce the intrusive glow given off, allowing for a clearer view of the starry night sky, and less glare from these lights into the homes of New Brunswickers.

The Town of Riverview is one of the most recent municipalities to take part in this project, with more than 1900 street lights installed. Our crews are expected to finish installs in the Riverview area this week.

"We are excited to work with NB Power on this project," said Riverview Mayor, Ann Seamens. "I think it's a great initiative to improve safety on our roadways and in our neighbourhoods, whether we are driving our cars home or walking our dogs. Knowing we are saving money and reducing our carbon footprint on top of that is really an added bonus."

The LED street light replacements will continue over the next five years and will take place between April and November of each year, with a goal of replacing approximately 72,000 street lights across New Brunswick. These lights use 50-60 per cent less energy than the existing lights, and will reduce energy use by 27,000,000 kilowatt hours each year.


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