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Safety campaign reminds New Brunswickers to be careful working around electricity


Fredericton, N. B. – NB Power is reminding New Brunswickers to work safely around electricity on the job site and around the home.

"To ensure safety for everyone, we want to remind home owners and contractors to be aware of electricity in their work environments and provide them with some tips on how to stay safe." says Darren Murphy, Vice President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. "New Brunswick has come a long way in creating safer work environments through awareness campaigns and legislation, but the best thing people can do for themselves is to be aware of their surroundings and spot potential safety issues before the work begins."

People working outside can make contact with wires overhead and while digging underground. Contact with tree branches on power lines can be particularly dangerous, as wood is an excellent conductor of electricity. As contractors and homeowners rush to complete outside jobs before the first snow fall, there becomes a potential for an increase electrical safety incidents.

"Each day, New Bruswickers put themselves in potentially dangerous situations where they may come into contact with electricity and they may not even know it," said Murphy "We'd like New Brunswickers to start the conversation at home and work to ensure safety is top of mind."

NB Power promotes electrical safety to all New Brunswickers in a variety of ways. The utility employs safety champions that work with emergency response teams and contractors to educate workers on how to work safely around electricity. NB Power has also partnered with WorkSafeNB on an award-winning contractor safety kit and has implemented a safety simulator in schools across the province.

NB Power is enhancing its existing public safety message with a series of new videos. To see the videos and learn more about how to work safely around electricity, visit our website.

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