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New Brunswick Power to expand network with new line and substation to serve Houlton Water Company in Houlton, Maine


Fredericton, N.B. - Northern Maine's Houlton Water Company is turning to New Brunswick Power for a low-priced, reliable, and secure transmission path for energy through a new international interconnect joining Woodstock, New Brunswick and Houlton, Maine.

Houlton Water Company (HWC), a consumer-owned electric, water, and wastewater utility based in Houlton, has signed an agreement with NB Power to build a 25 km, 138 kV transmission line and substation. Construction will begin once regulatory approvals have been received. The project will be 100 per cent funded by Houlton Water Company and final costs will be determined when environmental, engineering and design work is complete.

"This agreement is just the latest example of regional partners seeing the value in New Brunswick's low cost energy and extremely stable grid," said Keith Cronkhite, Vice President of Generation and Business Development for NB Power. "We are proud to add this connection with our new partners at Houlton Water Company to our other four Maine/New England connections and while HWC is not required to purchase electricity from NB Power through this new line, we are happy to provide their customers with the option to take advantage of our low and stable generation costs through this direct connection."

"We are pleased that Houlton Water Company is able to collaborate with New Brunswick Power on the new transmission tie line project between our two utilities," said John Clark, HWC's General Manager. "Over the next several years, the completion of this project should result in considerable savings and value to our customers."

Mr. Clark noted, "Of course, HWC has ensured a continued high level of reliability for its system under this arrangement. The new agreement was made possible by U.S. federal legislation permitting utilities such as ours to make advantageous grid and supply relationships to benefit our customers."

NB Power will construct the new line and substation from the Woodstock terminal to the United States/Canada border near the Houlton Canada-U.S. border crossing. The new infrastructure will become transmission assets of NB Power and will join the 4 existing international connections already in place in Eastern and Northern Maine.

HWC will seek the necessary regulatory approvals from the Maine Public Utilities Commission, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Department of Energy. New Brunswick Power will seek approval for the project from the Province of New Brunswick and the Canadian National Energy Board. NB Power and the board of HWC have already approved the agreement.

The Houlton Water Company is a municipally owned electric, water and sewer utility located in Houlton, Maine. HWC was founded in 1880 and has been serving the citizens of the Town of Houlton and surrounding communities since its inception.

Founded in 1920, NB Power is a crown corporation wholly owned by the Province of New Brunswick to supply electricity to residential and business customers across the province. Its 2,300 employees are dedicated to providing quality customer service and safe, reliable electricity at low and stable rates. It also exports electricity to New England, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with these sales positively contributing to rate stability in N.B. Today, the New Brunswick grid is comprised of electricity generated by 68 per cent non-greenhouse-gas-emitting sources with a goal to get to 75 per cent by 2020.

Brent Staeben, NB Power,(506) 458-4406,

John Clark, HWC - General Manager, (207) 532-2259,

Greg Sherman, HWC –Asst GM, (207)-532-2350,Sherman