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Non-hazardous oil released at Mactaquac Generating Station


Fredericton, N.B. : Crews have repaired a valve that malfunctioned yesterday at Mactaquac Generating Station that resulted in the release of approximately 700 gallons of non-hazardous, biodegradable Teresso 46 lubricating oil into the St. John River.

The release occurred late Tuesday afternoon at which time River flows through the station were 187,000 gallons per second.

Some of the oil was contained on site and was collected last evening and an undetermined amount is being recovered from the river by a licensed cleanup contractor.

Teresso 46 is non-hazardous, has a low eco-toxicity, is not expected to be harmful to aquatic organisms, and is biodegradable.

“While the material released would have quickly dissipated, we are advising the public out of respect for those who live and work near the river," said Keith Cronkhite, vice president of generation and business development for NB Power.

The concentration in the river would have been 1 part per million within minutes after the event with the concentration further diminishing quickly over time, based on the river flows at the time.

The release was immediately reported to federal and provincial environmental authorities, as well as the Kingsclear First Nation.

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