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Heat pump rebate moves to Home Insulation Program beginning October 1


Fredericton, N.B. –  After providing $5 million to customers for approximately 10,000 energy-saving heat pumps in the last year, NB Power is moving the rebate to its Home Insulation Energy Savings Program starting October 1, 2016 to drive even greater efficiency savings in New Brunswick homes.

Homeowners who do one major insulation upgrade through the Home Insulation Energy Savings Program can receive a $500 heat pump bonus on eligible heat pump models purchased from one of NB Power’s approved heat pump contractors.  The stand-alone rebate will end on September 30.

“In addition to the $5 million in purchase rebates on high efficiency heat pumps, our customers will save about $1.2 million every year going forward on their annual energy costs,” said NB Power President and CEO, Gaëtan Thomas. “We are thankful to our partner contractors for helping make this program an outstanding success. We look forward to their continued support as we move this rebate into our insulation program which offers further incentives to New Brunswickers to make greater investments in energy efficiency at home.”

The rebate also helped stimulate $35 million in sales for the heating contractor industry in New Brunswick, demonstrating the positive impact of investments in energy efficiency on the local economy.   October 1 also marks the start of smart habits in-store rebates which will be available in most home improvement and general merchandise retailers until October 31 on LED bulbs and fixtures, smart strip power bars, programmable thermostats and eligible smart thermostat models.

Programs that provide customer rebates on energy efficient products are important to NB Power’s long term strategy to reduce reliance on fossil-fuel energy, avoid future investments in generation and provide customers with tools to control their monthly bills.

NB Power has launched a number of energy efficiency programs since 2013, including the Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program, the Low Income Energy Savings Program, the Home Insulation Energy Savings Program, the Ductless Heat Pump Program, along with in-store rebates on eligible energy efficient products every October and April.

Information on smart habits rebates and all of NB Power’s energy efficiency programs can be found on

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