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Our commitment to New Brunswickers

We’re committed to serving our communities. As the COVID-19 situation in New Brunswick evolves, we’ll continue to adjust and expand our services accordingly, while respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  
Find out how we’re supporting our customers, and see which services remain suspended.


Our commitment to New Brunswickers

New Brunswickers can once again benefit from our residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. Our community outreach program remains on hold. We’ll continue to do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 by respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  


NB Power pursues grid reliability and debt repayment with rate request


Fredericton N.B. – NB Power will map out its plan to improve performance, customer service and grid reliability in a hearing with the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) this week.

The utility is requesting a rate increase of approximately $4 per month for the average New Brunswick family that would maintain NB Power's residential rates as the lowest in Atlantic Canada. This request represents an increase of 2 per cent across all customer classes.

“Reliability, performance and debt repayment are top of mind for NB Power's everyday operations. This increase is part of a long-term strategic plan that ensures we can provide our customers with the safe, reliable electricity they depend on to power their lives,” said Darren Murphy, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Corporate Services. “While we understand that any cost increases can be difficult, we are committed to a balanced approach that includes investing in continued reliability through infrastructure, renewable energy production, vegetation management programs and the development of smart technology, while paying down our debt and continuing to offer low and stable rates to our customers.”

As part of the hearing, the EUB will also hold a public session on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at the Delta Brunswick, 39 King Street, Saint John, NB at 6:00 p.m. NB Power welcomes these sessions as it proves to be a wonderful way for the Utility and the EUB to learn more about what customers care about and how to better improve the business to their benefit.

For further information on the public session, please contact the EUB at 1-866-766-2782 or by email at

MEDIA CONTACT: Brent Staeben, Communications, 506-458-4406 or