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Our commitment to New Brunswickers

We’re committed to serving our communities. As the COVID-19 situation in New Brunswick evolves, we’ll continue to adjust and expand our services accordingly, while respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  
Find out how we’re supporting our customers, and see which services remain suspended.


Our commitment to New Brunswickers

New Brunswickers can once again benefit from our residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. Our community outreach program remains on hold. We’ll continue to do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 by respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  


NB Power seeks EUB support for investments in new technologies to adapt to industry changes and to help customers better manage their electricity


Fredericton, N.B. –  NB Power will give evidence supporting its plan to offer more customer services, invest in new technologies, increase renewable energy projects, and continue on a path to better service its debt obligations in a hearing with the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) beginning on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

“Electric power systems across the globe are experiencing unprecedented change compelled by a number of driving forces including advances in technology, changes in customer expectations and the effect of climate change,” said Darren Murphy, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Corporate Services in his opening statement at the hearing. “These global driving forces of change have led to one of the central issues of this hearing: How must NB Power evolve to meet the future needs of New Brunswickers in a safe, reliable and cost effective way.”

“Customers are already expecting to be able to generate their own electricity through renewable resources and supply their excess to NB Power. Emission reduction, severe weather events, and renewable energy are areas of focus,” said Mr. Murphy, “Our initial investments in energy efficiency, and cleaner, smarter technologies such as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure, rather than in large capital investments to build more generating plants will help provide the flexibility we need to address a rapidly-changing future.”

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is essential to building a smarter, cleaner, more reliable, and efficient power grid, and will also provide customers with immediate benefits - more detailed and timely information about their energy consumption, which they can use to better manage their energy usage and reduce their bills, improve reliability through outage notification and restoration verification, enabling more efficient power restoration, including during storms.

NB Power’s rate application was originally filed in October 2017 and makes the case for an average two per cent rate increase across all rate classes starting April 1, 2018. This represents about a $4 per month increase to the average New Brunswick household.


MEDIA CONTACT: Marie-Andrée Bolduc, Communications, NB Power, 506-458-3212 or