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Kedgwick transmission line upgrade

The existing 69 kV transmission line (known as transmission Line 0028) is approximately 73 km in length and runs from St. Leonard to Kedgwick. This line which feeds the Kedgwick Substation serves approximately 1293 customers.

Over the last few years, this line has shown poor reliability and as a result, NB Power is proposing to construct a new 5.2 km higher voltage 138 kV transmission line east of the Kedgwick Substation to join an adjacent transmission line.

Upgrades to the substation will be made to accommodate the new 138 kV line. Eventually, the existing structures on line 0028 (approximately 25 km) will be permanently removed and will allow for the area to re-vegetate naturally.

Project Activities


Communication with stakeholders and First Nations

Spring through Fall 2016 (and throughout Project activities)

Environmental field studies

April to August 2016

Permits/approvals acquisition

Fall 2016 to Spring 2017

Row clearing

Fall 2017

Substation Upgrades

Spring to Fall 2017

Construction of New Line (Phase 1)

Fall 2017

Decommissioning of line 0028 (Phase 2)

Spring 2018

In-service date

Fall 2017