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Our commitment to New Brunswickers

We’re committed to serving our communities. As the COVID-19 situation in New Brunswick evolves, we’ll continue to adjust and expand our services accordingly, while respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  
Find out how we’re supporting our customers, and see which services remain suspended.


Our commitment to New Brunswickers

New Brunswickers can once again benefit from our residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. Our community outreach program remains on hold. We’ll continue to do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 by respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  

Schedule and updates

The following is an update on the work being carried out on the Mactaquac Life Achievement Program


In 2017, NB Power’s board of directors approved the Life Achievement project to ensure the Mactaquac Generating station can operate to its intended 100-year lifespan with a modified approach to maintenance and adjusting and replacing equipment over time. This recommendation followed three years of expert research, options analysis, input from science, engineers, the public and First Nations.

Work Undertaken to date

Since the announcement of the Life Achievement project there have been a number of steps taken towards a full-scale rehabilitation project of the facility. They include:

  • Review of spill capacity
  • Studies to improve fish passage at the dam
  • Ongoing discussions with  First Nations
  • The completion of a comprehensive condition assessment and engineering studies

Next steps

  • NB Power is preparing for economic and environmental regulatory approval processes related to life achievement at Mactaquac anticipated between 2020 and 2023.
    • NB Power anticipates submitting the project for approval by the Province of New Brunswick through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.
    • The EIA is expected to be submitted in early 2022 and a determination from the department would be anticipated by end of 2022.
  • Energy and Utilities Board procedural application anticipated to be filed in May 2020. This will help NB Power determine the filing requirements for capital approval process in 2022. A decision from the EUB is expected in 2023.
  • Assuming project approvals are obtained in 2023, first construction activity would begin onsite in 2024-25 timeframe, and continue until 2035.