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Schedule and updates

Pending regulatory approvals, the majority of activities related to the Mactaquac Life Achievement Project are anticipated to take place between 2020 and 2036.

The project will focus on maintaining existing concrete structures and associated mechanical equipment to the original 100-year service life of the station (2068) or as close as possible to it.

The work is expected to involve the following components:
Controlling water seepage with grouting and surface sealing;
Repairing damaged and deteriorated concrete including gate guides, bridges and rollways;
Replacement of assorted mechanical and electrical components including gates, cranes, pumps, piping, cabling and controls;
Removing and replacing six turbines;
Modifying powerhouse superstructure;
Installation of multi-species fish passage.

The specific approach to be taken with items listed above will be based on results of ongoing studies and detailed planning to define how existing concrete structures and their associated mechanical equipment could be maintained as operational, repaired as necessary or partially or fully refurbished in place