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Milltown Generating Station Demonstration Project

NB Power is proposing to revitalize its century-old Milltown Generating Station with a demonstration project to generate renewable energy while improving upstream and downstream fish passage on the St. Croix River.

The proposed project has the potential to add up to 50 years of new life to the station, a historic site that began generating electricity in the 1880s and is the oldest continuously running hydroelectric power plant in Canada.

The project is intended to evaluate technologies with the potential to modernize existing small hydroelectric generating stations and reduce environmental effects to fish, while extending the life of the Milltown Generating Station.

The project consists of the following:

  • replacement of generators and turbines in Powerhouse A (Units 5, 6 &7) with new DIVE-Turbines
  • repairs and refurbishment to Powerhouse A;
  • the addition of a Hydroconnect upstream/downstream fish passage system
  • refurbishment of retaining walls, powerhouse intake structures, roadways and spillways
  • ancillary works including the installation of electrical and communications infrastructure.

Some activities will be required below the ordinary high water mark, and therefore, installation of a cofferdam is required downstream of the station. Pending environmental approvals, construction could begin in 2019.

As part of the project, NB Power proposes to run a series of tests and monitoring programs to verify and demonstrate that the newly installed Hydroconnect fish passage system and supporting fish guidance systems, along with DIVE-Turbines, can effectively pass targeted fish species at this location.

More information about DIVE-Turbines is available here

More information about Hydroconnect fish passage is available here

This project requires approval from the Government of New Brunswick through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

The EIA process is a proactive, preventative approach to planning projects with environmental management and protection in mind. It helps identify potential environmental impacts of a project early in the planning process so they can be addressed.

NB Power is committed to engaging and consulting with First Nations, customers, municipalities and stakeholder organizations that may be affected by its projects.

We will maintain open and respectful relationships, provide project information and seek relevant input to address project-related questions and concerns.

While still in the early stages, this project will require study, fieldwork and engineering before construction can begin.

To share your comments, questions and concerns about the project, please contact Project Manager Philip Gilks at or at 1-866-754-7727.