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Neguac Transmission Project

NB Power is proposing to build a new 138kV substation and new, 23 km transmission line (L1220) adjacent to the existing line.

The project will also include removal of the old substation and two transmission lines (L0104 and L0012) which will no longer be required following the upgrade.

Related project work on distribution system

New distribution feeder lines on Fair Isle St and Micmac Rd are scheduled for completion before March 31, 2018.

The upgraded Micmac Rd feeder will supply the new waste-water treatment facility at Esgenoôpetitj First Nation and become the main feeder to the First Nation community.

All other feeder work associated with the new substation on Rue Augustin is scheduled for completion before March 31, 2019.

Project benefits

Reliability and storm-hardening:

  • Upgrading from single pole to more durable H-Frame structure
  • New 138kV less vulnerable to outages and tree contacts
  • Removing equipment from 29 kilometres of line right of way

Stronger, more flexible power supply:

  • Capacity to serve customers from Miramichi and Bathurst, rather than from Bathurst only
  • New substation is smart grid ready, and can accommodate future growth

Project Timeline

ActivityEstimated date

Obtain environmental approvals
secure right of way
complete preliminary engineering design

Phase 1
Preliminary engineering: Sept 2017
EIA Submission: January 2018
EIA Determination: Apr 2018
Secure ROW and purchase new lot: March 2018

Build new line and substation

Phase 2

Removal of existing lines and substation

2018-2019 (6-8 months)

Land Based Work - HDD

Phase 3

This project requires approval from the Government of New Brunswick through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

The EIA is a proactive, preventative approach to planning projects with environmental management and protection in mind. It helps identify potential environmental impacts of a project early in the planning process so they can be addressed.

NB Power is committed to engaging and consulting with First Nations, customers, landowners, municipalities and stakeholder organizations that may be affected by its projects.

We will maintain open and respectful relationships, provide project information and seek relevant input to address project-related questions and concerns.

On January 19, 2017 NB Power Corporation registered the project with the Department of the Environment and Local Government in accordance with Section 5(1) and Schedule “A” of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation – Clean Environment Act.