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OrganiGram Inc. Transmission Project

OrganiGram Inc. has entered into agreement with NB Power to build transmission facilities that will deliver 30 MW to its facility in the Moncton Industrial Park. The electricity will be supplied through a 557 m, 138 kV transmission line connected to existing line 1124.

The existing 69 kV distribution lines within the Moncton Industrial Park are not sufficient to meet the electricity required for OrganiGram Inc. to achieve its business growth potential. This Project will allow NB Power to meet the needs of its customer (OrganiGram Inc.) by providing transmission infrastructure with the capacity to handle a load of up to 30 MW.

The line is proposed to be built within the municipal easement along Arsenault court (where possible) to the customer-owned substation located on the OrganiGram Inc. property on Edinburgh Drive. In addition to the municipal easement, the proposed route crosses six properties between the line 1124 connection and the substation. Five properties are privately held and the sixth is owned by City of Moncton.

On December 18, 2017 NB Power Corporation registered the project with the Department of the Environment and Local Government in accordance with Section 5(1) and Schedule “A” of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation – Clean Environment Act.

Project Timeline

ActivityEstimated date

Environmental approvals
Secure Right of Way
Complete preliminary engineering design

Phase 1 (2017-2018)
Preliminary engineering: Sept 2017
EIA Submission: December 2017
Secure ROW: March 2018

Construction of new 138 kV transmission line

Phase 2 (2018-2019)