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EcoLink - Little things make a big difference

Enjoy worry-free hot water, while reducing electricity peaks

At certain times of day, we experience “peaks” in electricity demand- times when many people need electricity at once. This means increased demand and stress on the power grid and requires us to use the most expensive and least green electricity in our network.

Changing how and when we use electricity can ease demand and stress on the grid. This also means we can reduce our carbon emissions to help minimize New Brunswick’s environmental footprint.

You can help. By letting NB Power install a FREE add-on device called an EcoLink to your eligible water heater.

Little actions, big rewards

water heater controller

We’ll install a small EcoLink communication device on your water heater. When a peak happens, the device will pause water heating for short periods of time.

An NB Power certified technician will install the device for you for free at a time that’s convenient for you.

You’ll have a positive impact on the future of energy and the environment in our province, while still having plentiful worry-free hot water.