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COVID-19 Information: New Brunswickers can continue to benefit from our residential and business energy efficiency programs. The Community Outreach Program remains on hold to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our employees and contractors follow pandemic operational plans aligned with Public Health to keep everyone safe.

Prior to an employee or contractor going inside your home or business, health screening will take place. Results of screening will determine if the appointment will proceed and the type of protective equipment to be used. We appreciate our customers’ patience and flexibility as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 together.

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Your Questions

Can I get my old water heater replaced with a more efficient one?
Does NB Power cover damages as a result of a leaking water heater?
How do I drain a water heater?
How do I flush a water heater
How do I refill a water heater?
What do I do if my water heater starts leaking?
My hot water has a bad odour. What should I do?
My hot water is dirty. What should I do?
My water is too hot. What should I do?
Should I install an insulation blanket on the water heater?
Should I turn down the temperature on my water heater to conserve energy?
What are my responsibilities when requesting an installation, delivery or maintenance of a water heater?
What are my responsibilities when requesting a water heater removal?
What are your water heater rental rates?
What is an EcoPeak® water heater?
What is Legionella?
What is standby loss? Or What is the standby loss of a water heater?
What size water heater do I need?
Why is the valve on top of my water heater leaking? What should I do?
Who replaces my water heater after a flood?
Why should I rent a water heater from NB Power?

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