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Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards


Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of NB Power’s vision of sustainable energy for future generations. By championing energy efficiency in our communities, businesses and organizations, New Brunswickers can help save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive the economy.

The Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards presented by NB Power are a celebration of the excellence and leadership in energy efficiency happening here in New Brunswick.

We celebrate the following New Brunswickers, organizations, and businesses selected for awards in 2020, proudly sponsored by Greenfoot Energy Solutions.

Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards 2020

Congratulations to the winners of our 2020 Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate the excellence and leadership in energy efficiency happening here in New Brunswick. To watch the awards ceremony, click on the link below.


Legacy Award

Recognizes an individual’s longstanding commitment and contribution to energy efficiency in New Brunswick.

Joe Waugh

Joe has had a tremendous impact in energy efficient construction and renovation in New Brunswick. As a contractor, energy efficiency consultant, and volunteer for over forty years, has offered extensive knowledge to homeowners, builders, community organizations, government committees and the general public.



Legacy Award

Recognizes an organization’s long-standing commitment and contribution to energy efficiency in New Brunswick.

Horizon Health Network

In 2013, Horizon Health Network established its ‘Energy Network’, a committee of employees focused on energy conservation. The Energy Network has been instrumental in the implementation of energy retrofit projects and encouraging hospitals to actively identify and act on additional opportunities while maintaining or improving the quality of patient care.


Rising Star Award

Recognizes an individual less than 30 years of age who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to energy efficiency and conservation through advocacy, volunteerism, research, education or projects.

Jane Burchill

In her previous role with the Gaia Project, Jane played a key role to increase energy literacy levels across the province and empowered students to take action on climate change. She has personally engaged thousands of students in discussions and hand-on projects around energy efficiency and sustainability and inspires colleagues, friends and family with her passion and energy.


Partnership Award

Recognizes a service organization, retailer, vendor, realtor or supplier that has demonstrated leadership and best practices in helping NB Power deliver its energy efficiency programs.


Homesol is committed to educating its New Brunswick customers on the benefits of energy efficiency. With its skilled and well-equipped energy advisors, administration staff and managers, Homesol has assembled a diverse and competent team that focuses on providing a quality service as a valued partner in delivering NB Power’s energy efficiency programs.


Innovation Award

Recognizes an exemplary energy efficiency and/or renewable energy project in New Brunswick that demonstrates innovative practices, scalable technology, green economic development and/or significant energy savings.

UNB Kinesiology Building

The University of New Brunswick’s commitment to the environment was foundational in the design and construction of its state-of-the-art Kinesiology Building at the Fredericton Campus. With its reduced energy and water use, sustainable site development, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environment, the Kinesiology Building is a leading example for the community and student body in all aspects of health, wellness and conservation.


Community Award

Recognizes a New Brunswick community or First Nations community in New Brunswick that has demonstrated commitment to energy efficiency through growing awareness, taking action and supporting community residents and organizations in their pursuit of energy efficiency and conservation.


The Village of Perth-Andover has exemplified leadership by making energy efficiency a priority in its own operations and by assisting residents in becoming more energy efficient through various initiatives. Perth-Andover continues to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency, help residents realize energy savings and has increase awareness and commitment to efficiency and climate change.


Education Award

Hampton High School

Recognizes an educator, group of educators, class or educational institution that has developed and implemented an educational program to inspire action on energy efficiency and conservation.

Hampton High School’s focus on sustainability has been met with enthusiasm and passion by students and educators alike. Valuable hands-on learning experiences and inspiring conversations have driven major changes at the school and in the community. Teachers and students are leaving no stone unturned looking for ways to reduce energy use and minimize their environmental impact for a more sustainable future.