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NB Power is New Brunswick's electricity company. Formed by our province's legislature in 1920, we actually trace our roots back further to the early 1880s when the first power companies began selling electricity in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton.

Power production in the province evolved as New Brunswickers developed the industries that drive the province's economy.

Here to serve the people of our province, NB Power has become part of the everyday lives of New Brunswickers. We've warmed homes, employed thousands, powered Christmas trees, and lit the way home.

Now, we're making history again and adding to our diverse and innovative energy mix by introducing new, clean and sustainable energy options to New Brunswickers – taking care of our planet, our province and our communities.

The First 70 Years

Seventy Years of Service (published in 1990)

Foreword & preface

In the beginning - electricity comes to New Brunswick

The nineteen twenties - the early years

The nineteen thirties - from hydro to coal

The nineteen forties - the war years

The nineteen fifties - the hydro years

The nineteen sixties - over a billion kilowatts generated

The nineteen seventies - the energy crisis

The nineteen eighties - the nuclear age

The nineteen nineties