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Preparing for Outages

We've all experienced power outages. While most power outages don't last long, every household should have an emergency plan, just in case.

  • Flashlight

    Keep a flashlight and safety light sticks handy to use in place of candles to avoid fire hazard.

  • Woodstove

    Ensure any back-up heating unit is properly vented and in good working order.

  • Radio

    Have a battery-operated radio and spare batteries ready as many radio stations operate using emergency power. NB Power works with the radio stations during power restoration work to keep you informed.

  • Telephone

    First, ensure NB Power has your current contact information. Have a corded phone and/or a fully charged mobile phone on hand? Different types of corded phones react differently to power outages. Check with your phone provider to understand its capabilities when the power is out. You can use your mobile phone to access our mobile outage page for the latest outage information.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Click and print Are You Prepared?  It’s a quick and easy way to prepare your family to face an emergency.

Extreme Weather

Here's an example of some of the things you can do to be prepared.