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Residential Rates (effective July 1, 2016)

New Brunswick electricity rates are the lowest in Atlantic Canada.

Click here for pdf of rate card.

Service Charge:$/month
Urban $21.17
Rural/Seasonal $23.21
Energy Charge all kWh: ¢/kWh 10.59
Dusk to Dawn Lights
High pressure sodium 100 Watt - existing pole $14.14
High pressure sodium 200 Watt - existing pole $22.23
An additional charge for pole rental may be required
Improved efficiency metal halide (white light)
250 Watts $27.71
400 Watts $34.30
1000 Watts $59.37
An additional charge for pole rental may be required
Water Heater Rental
22 Gallons/100 litres $6.47
40 Gallons/180 litres $6.47
60 Gallons/270 litres $8.38
Other Services
Service call fee and reconnection fee $46.15
New customer connection charge $81.67
Reconnection charge for seasonals $128.78
All rates are subject to harmonized sales tax