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Nuclear is responsible for operating the Point Lepreau Generating Station. Here, we safely and reliably generate electricity for the wholesale market. Commissioned in 1983, the 660 MW unit, was the first CANDU-6 to begin commercial operation.

Nuclear safety is the primary focus of station activities. CANDU is an established Canadian technology with an excellent nuclear safety record, and Point Lepreau is a safe working environment. The station has exceeded one million person-hours without a lost-time accident – three times.


Station Profile

Reactor Type:

CANDU-6 PHW (Pressurized Heavy Water)

Gross Station Output:

680 000 kW

Reactor Building Containment:

Low pressure containment, pre-stressed concrete vessel

Number of Fuel Channels:


Fuel Type:

Natural Uranium (U02)

Fuel Capacity of the 380 Fuel Channels:

4,560 bundles, each with 37elements

Refuelling Method:


Primary Coolant Pumps:


Boilers (Steam Generators):


Generator Voltage Output:

26,000 Volts

Turbine Type:

1 double-flow high pressure turbine and 3 double-flow low pressure turbines, all arranged on the same shaft

Turbine Speed:

1,800 RPM

Steam Temperature:

260 °C (500 °F)


Cooling Water Flow (Condenser):

Seawater 25.8 m3/s (341,000 Igpm)


Reactor Regulating System:

Direct digital control dual computer



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