NB Power

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NB Power provides all New Brunswickers with consistent, safe, reliable and sustainable energy at the lowest possible cost. Electricity is generated at 13 facilities and delivered via power lines, substations and terminals to more than 391,191 direct and indirect New Brunswick homes, businesses and facilities. We also export electricity to New England, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island through our subsidiary, New Brunswick Energy Marketing.


  • NB Power provides strategic direction, governance and support to the divisions for communications, finance, human resources, legal and governance. It also provides shared services on a cost-recovery basis.

  • Customer Service is designated as the standard supplier, responsible for securing adequate capacity and energy to meet our customers' needs in New Brunswick . It delivers safe, reliable and reasonably-priced energy to more than 394,000 direct and indirect customers by way of its 20,815 km of distribution lines and substations. It also provides valuable customer services through its customer interaction centres, account managers and energy advisors. For more information on Customer Service, click here.

  • Generation operates and maintains one of North America 's most diverse generating systems consisting of 12 hydro, coal, oil and diesel-powered generating stations with an installed net capacity of 2,853 MW. Generation supplies approximately 75 per cent of in-province load through sales to Distribution. It also exports energy to neighbouring New England, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia markets. For more information on Generation, click here.

  • Nuclear operates and maintains a CANDU 6 - 660 MW reactor at the Point Lepreau Generating Station. The Station provides approximately 25 per cent of New Brunswick 's electrical energy requirements. It also sells five per cent of its energy production to Maritime Electric Company, Limited. For more information on Nuclear, click here.

  • The Transmission & System Operator division maintains and operates 49 terminals and switchyards that are interconnected by over 6,849 km of transmission lines ranging in voltage from 69 kV to 345 kV. The system is interconnected with electrical systems in North America, including Quebec, Maine, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It has an export capacity of 2,137 MW and an import capacity of 2,378 MW. For more information on Transmission & System Operator, click here.