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Rates, Schedules and Policies Manual

G. Services Available to Customers


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Equalized Billing

Equalized billing is available to:

  • Residential Customers;
  • Special Care Establishments;
  • General Service and industrial Customers operating 12 months per year with less than 100 kW of maximum monthly metered demand or, if they have no demand meter, less than 25,000 kWh monthly energy use.


Equalized billing payment amounts include:

  • monthly service charges;
  • energy charges;
  • demand charges, as applicable;
  • rental charges for water heaters, area lights, and poles as applicable.


Monthly bills are issued based on equalized billing payment amounts. Late payment charges, service call fees, and connection charges are not included in equalized billing payment amounts, but are added to the bill for the month in which these charges are applicable.

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The equalized billing payment amount is calculated by multiplying the average monthly use in the preceding year by the applicable rate when the payment amount is established. If a full year of history is not available, or if the Customer has added load in the previous year, NB Power estimates use and establishes payment amounts.


Accounts on equalized billing are reviewed every six months for residential Customers and every three months for General Service and small industrial Customers. As a result of the review, Customers are advised by letter if actual charges are expected to vary by 10% or more from their equalized amounts. NB Power will, if necessary adjust equalized billing payment amounts in consultation with the Customer.


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