NB Power

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Thermal Tour

NB Power uses two thermal generating stations throughout New Brunswick .



The 450 MW Belledune Generating Station is located in north east New Brunswick in the village of Belledune. The station began generating electricity in 1993. It was the first in Canada to install a "scrubber" to help reduce sulphur dioxide emissions. As well as a scrubber, the station also has an electrostatic precipitator (which removes over 99% of the particles in the flue gases) and special burners to limit nitrogen oxide emissions.


Coleson Cove

The Coleson Cove Generating Station is located on the western border of Saint John. The area was named after John Coleson who farmed there in the 19th century. Coleson Cove is the NB Power's largest generating station as well as the largest in eastern Canada. It has been generating electricity since 1976 and has a capacity of 978 MW. It was the sixth station in Canada and the third for NB Power to have a scrubber installed to help reduce sulphur dioxide emissions.