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Planting Near Power Lines

Before planting trees and shrubs around your property, please consider the location of overhead power lines. The table below will help you identify how large a plant will reach at maturity and which shrubs or trees are best-suited to grow in the vicinity of power lines on your property. Please consult your local nursery to determine the growth of other species and hardiness in your growing zone.

Site 1 - The area directly beneath the power line and extending 4.5 metres in any direction is reserved for low, slow growing shrubs that will never exceed 4.5 metres in height. Nothing should be planted within 3 metres of poles, guy wires or other structures as this could impede maintenance work and inspections.
Site 2 - Planting between 4.5 metres and 10.5 metres should be limited to small trees that will not grow higher than 9 metres or any of the shrubs listed in Site 1.
Site 3 - Medium-sized trees may be planted 10.5 metres to 13.5 metres from the centre of the line. This includes trees that grow to a height of 21 metres, or small trees and shrubs listed in Sites 1 and 2.

Site 4 - Large trees that may grow more than 21 metres tall should not be planted within 13.5 metres of the power line.

Site 1


Burning Bush
Japanese Yew
Junipers (compact and spreading)
Mugho Pine
Purple Leaf

Site 2

Small Trees

Amur Maple
Downy Serviceberry
Flowering Crabapple
Fruit Trees (dwarf)
Mountain Ash

Russian Olive
Saucer Magnolia


Site 3

Medium-Sized Trees

Austrian Pine
Fruit Trees (standard)
Green Ash
Honey Locust
Northern catalpa
Norway Maple
White Birch
White Cedar

Site 4

Large Trees

Colorado Spruce
Silver Maple
Sugar Maple
White Ash
White Pine
White Spruce