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Don't let one mistake around electricity change your life forever!

NB Power has been promoting electrical safety to all New Brunswickers for many years. We know how life can change in an instant. Whether it's a contractor digging through an underground wire, a truck driver hitting an overhead wire or using a home appliance that has frayed wiring...it only takes a second to get electrocuted if you are not careful.

At NB Power we want everyone to be aware of electrical dangers and learn how to recognize them so that you can live life to its fullest. For more information about electrical safety please visit our various safety links to the right.

For all the reasons you want to be home tonight, please be safe.

Electricity. It can change your life.


School Programs

In co-operation with concerned educators and working with our customers, NB Power has a school electrical safety program which is an integrated component of our public safety program.   Through the use of a customized 3D safety simulator, educators are able to deliver an interactive and on demand presentation.  Students are guided through a virtual world demonstrating various scenarios on how to stay safe around electricity.  To compliment the 3D simulator, NB Power also offers free educational materials to educators and students.

Electrical Safety Awareness

When treated with respect, electricity gives us many benefits, but each year New Brunswickers are injured or killed in electrical mishaps. For this reason, NB Power has a public safety program designed to provide you the awareness needed to live and work safely around electricity.  As part of our ongoing program, we will provide free resources such as: information booklets, stickers, signage, instructional DVDs, and in person seminars upon request.


For further information on the programs above, please contact:

Melinda Mallery - Public Safety
(506) 458-4444