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Net Metering

As New Brunswickers, we know the power of nature. We also know that, for our customers, saving money and being environmentally responsible is important. That's why we created our Net Metering program.

The NB Power Net Metering program provides customers with the option to connect their own environmentally sustainable generation unit to NB Power's distribution system. The program allows customers to generate their own electricity to offset their consumption, while still remaining connected to NB Power's distribution system – so they can meet their electricity demands when their generation unit cannot.

In order to qualify for the program, the generation units must:

  • meet NB Power technical requirements
  • not exceed 100 kW
  • come from renewable energy sources compatible with Environment Canada's Environmental Choice Program ( EcoLogo TM) standards such as alternative use, biogas, biomass, solar, small hydro or wind
  • use approved equipment – certified by an organization recognized in the Province of New Brunswick
  • have an Electrical Wiring Permit from a licensed electrician, and inspection and approval by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services prior to connection

Note:  For off-grid or stand-alone projects, contact New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services .

A special type of meter or “net meter” is installed to replace your existing meter. This meter provides readings for both your electricity consumption from us (NB Power), and the excess electricity you send back to our distribution system. We then bill you for the difference or ‘net' amount of electricity used. Credits cannot be carried forward beyond March of each year. At that time, any remaining credit not used will be reduced to zero.

A net metering agreement must be signed prior to the installation of the net meter.

To enroll your net metering project in NB Power's program, please visit the Enroll section.

To read an example of a customer's experience with the net metering program, please visit the Case Studies section.

For additional information on:

Small wind generation: Canadian Wind Energy Association

Solar panels: CanSIA