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This registration form has been designed to give Residential, Seasonal and Business customers (General Service I, General Service II, recreational lighting and Bulk Small Industrial) the ability to create a profile and enjoy the convenience of NB Power's self-serve options.

To get started, you will need information from your most recent bill.

Paperless Billing

If you are a residential customer creating an online account, you will be enrolled in paperless billing and your paper bill will be replaced with a monthly email reminder when your online bill is ready to view.

Not sure about paperless billing? Check out the benefits of making the switch.

If you would like to continue receiving a paper bill, it’s easy to update your billing preferences though the 'Billing & Payment Options' section of your online account

Bill Information
Please enter your personal and online profile information.
Word Verification
Word Verification
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Enter the code as displayed above
I certify that I am authorized to have access to this account information and accept the Terms of Use.

How safe is your password?

The first step in protecting your online privacy is creating a safe password - i.e. one that a computer program or persistent individual won't easily be able to guess in a short period of time. To help you choose a secure password, we've created a feature that lets you know visually how safe your password is as soon as you create it.

Tips for creating a secure password:
  • Include punctuation marks and/or numbers.
  • Mix capital and lowercase letters.
  • Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number zero for the letter 'O' or '$' for the letter 'S'.
  • Create a unique acronym.
  • Include phonetic replacements, such as 'Luv 2 Laf' for 'Love to Laugh'.

Things to avoid:
  • Don't have a password identical to your username.
  • Don't use a password that is listed as an example of how to pick a good password.
  • Don't use a password that contains personal information (name, birth date, etc.)
  • Don't use words or acronyms that can be found in a dictionary.
  • Don't use keyboard patterns (asdf) or sequential numbers (1234).
  • Don't make your password all numbers, uppercase letters or lowercase letters.
  • Don't use repeating characters (aa11).

Tips for keeping your password secure:
  • Never tell your password to anyone (this includes significant others, roommates, etc.).
  • Never write your password down.
  • Never send your password by email.
  • Periodically test your current password and change it to a new one
To ensure the privacy of your information, has established specific processes.

Your Personal Profile
When you register, you select your own user ID and password. The only way to access any account information is by entering the valid user ID and your password.

To ensure your privacy, please do not share your password with others.

Your Accounts
The only way to gain online access to your NB Power account is to provide information that can only be found on your last NB Power bill. This information includes your full name, your account number, your meter number and the amount due.

We use industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology (128-bit), to protect your personal information.