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Track and Manage Your Energy Use


As we modernize the grid, we’re putting the power in New Brunswickers’ hands – the power to manage your energy use.

Once your smart meter is installed and activated, you’ll no longer need to wait for your monthly bill to know how much energy you’re using. Smart meters make it possible to view your electricity usage data by the day, hour, and even 15-minute intervals in your online NB Power account. Learn more about these enhancements to your online account.

Don’t have an online account yet? It’s quick and easy to create one!

You’ll also receive energy usage alerts by email if you’re projected to use 30% more than the same time the previous year. This gives you an important prompt to explore what might be causing the increase to see if you can take steps to reduce your energy use.

You can set up personalized threshold alerts for the billing period or a day – for either a dollar amount of electricity use or kilowatt-hours used. Learn more about energy usage alerts.