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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

NB Power is continuing to leverage technology advancements that will improve its ability to respond to changing customer expectations, address climate change, modernize the grid and focus on continuous process improvement. New technologies such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will enable NB Power to improve its service to customers and help customers better understand their electricity usage and use energy more wisely. AMI will help NB Power better manage the rising demand on the electricity system well into the future, while laying the groundwork for a wide range of new customer benefits.

NB Power filed an application for AMI with the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (NBEUB) on August 1, 2019, and the matter was heard by the Energy Utilities Board from January 13 – 22, 2020.  As a result of a Board-ordered delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on September 4, 2020, the Energy and Utilities Board approved NB Power’s AMI capital project application and work is underway with the project team and third-party vendors.

In response to the Energy and Utilities Board decision, NB Power began in July 2021 to submit to the Energy and Utilities Board the AMI Project Status Report. This quarterly report includes progress indicators to track the roll-out of the project, as well as its timeline, costs and the realization of its quantified and non-quantified benefits. Each of the submitted reports is also available to the public through the list below.

Below is a list of our AMI Project Status Reports