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Downed Power Lines

During a power outage, if you see a downed power line, assume they’re energized. Never touch or approach a downed power line or try to move one with any type of object.

Moving power lines is extremely dangerous, and could result in serious injury or death. Never contact or approach trees in contact with power lines.

Always treat a downed power line as live and extremely dangerous. Downed power lines may not always appear to be live; they may or may not throw sparks.

  1. If you see a downed power line, stay at least 10 meters or 33 feet away (the length of a bus).
  2. Call 911 immediately
  3. Report the downed wire to NB Power at 1-800-663-6272.
  • Treat all downed lines as if they were energized. Stay at least 10m away from them and anything that they touch including puddles of water and fences.
  • Keep children inside and pets on a leash to prevent electric shock or electrocution.
  • Never attempt to repair damaged power lines or remove tree limbs from power lines.
  • If you see crews working on power lines, try to avoid their work area

If your vehicle comes in contact with downed power lines

  • Downed Line

    Stay where you are, if at all possible. It may be dangerous to exit from the vehicle.

  • If you can safely back the vehicle away from contact with the lines, do so.
  • Warn others to stay at least 10m clear of the power lines.
  • Call 911.
  • Downed Line

    As a last resort – if it is necessary to leave the vehicle, it is important not to simply step out of the vehicle one foot at a time as your body will make a path for electricity to ground.

  • Keep your feet together.
  • Hold your arms tightly at your sides.
  • Jump clear without touching the vehicle and ground at the same time. With feet together, shuffle or hop away from the downed line and vehicle.