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Eligibility Requirements

The NB Power Net Metering program provides customers with the option to connect their own environmentally sustainable generation unit to NB Power’s distribution system. The program allows customers to generate their own electricity to offset their consumption, while remaining connected to NB Power’s distribution system.  This is so they can meet their electricity demands when their generation unit cannot.

In order to qualify for the program, the generation units must:

  • Not exceed 100 kW in Nameplate Capacity
  • Come from renewable energy sources as prescribed in the provincial government's Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation 2015-60. Sources like solar, wind and hydro are acceptable. If you have another source, please read though the regulation.
  • Use equipment certified for use in the Province of New Brunswick. Please refer to the Interconnection Specifications for further details.
  • Have an Electrical Wiring Permit from a licensed electrician, and be inspected and approved by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services. The applicant’s electrical contractor should inquire as to what is needed before starting the project.
  • A special type of meter will be installed replacing your existing meter. This new meter provides readings for the electricity you use from NB Power, and the excess electricity backfed to NB Power’s distribution system. The generator cannot be turned on before metering is in place, and written approval from NB power is provided.
  • It is also mandated by regulation that the owner of the home or place of business meets the ownership requirements below.

Local Ownership

The generation must follow local ownership requirements as per the Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation 2015-60.