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Mactaquac Life Achievement Project

Mactaquac Generation Station

Mactaquac Generating Station

The Mactaquac Generating Station is a run of the river hydro facility with an installed generation capacity of 672 MW, supplying about 12 per cent of New Brunswick homes and businesses with clean, low-cost power.

The facility began generating electricity in 1968. Since the 1980s, concrete portions of the hydro station have been affected by a chemical reaction called alkali-aggregate reaction. The reaction causes the concrete to swell and crack and has required substantial annual maintenance and repairs.

Mactaquac Life Achievement Project Background

NB Power is proposing a project to ensure the station can operate to its intended 100-year lifespan with a modified approach to maintenance and adjusting and replacing equipment over time. The project will also include enhanced upstream and downstream fish passage. This recommendation follows three years of expert research, including input from science, engineers, the public and First Nations.

This approach will meet all safety and environmental requirements. It will allow NB Power to consider changes in cost, technology and electricity demand while ensuring a steady supply of clean, renewable power for New Brunswickers.

Project Benefits

Maintaining Mactaquac is the lowest-cost option for the Station and one that brings the most benefits to the province.

It is the most affordable and reliable clean energy resource option for New Brunswick, compared to alternatives including wind or solar.

The project will offer new business and career opportunities for all New Brunswickers, including Indigenous communities. Construction is expected to last up to 15 years and will need support from hundreds of engineers, scientists, skilled trades and other workers. 

The project will also enhance river health with improved fish passage for multiple species through enhanced upstream and downstream passage and temporary fish passage during construction.

The EIA process is a review of the potential environmental impacts associated with the project and is only one component of the overall project approval process. Prior to the start of construction, the project will still require financial approvals from the NB Power Board of Directors and the Government of New Brunswick. 

Anticipated Project Timeline

Anticipated Project Timeline

New Brunswick Environmental Impact Assessment Application

In July 2023, NB Power submitted the Mactaquac Life Achievement Project for review under New Brunswick’s Environmental Impact Assessment legislation. View the application and learn about the process on their website.  

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