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What is net metering?
What renewable energy technologies are acceptable for the net metering program?
How can net metering help reduce my NB Power bill?
Can I sell NB Power the extra electricity I produce?
Will I pay commercial or residential rates for net-metered installations?
How much money will I save by using the net metering program?
How does NB Power determine what is the nameplate capacity?
I have more than one meter/account. Can the excess electricity from my generation unit be used to offset more than one meter/account?
I have a farm and want to offset more than one account. Can I install generation at any metering point?
What if I rent the location and the landlord allows me to install a generator?
What do I need to do to enrol in net metering?
What kind of meter will I need to monitor my net consumption through net metering?
Can I connect generation on the NB Power side of the meter?
Are there any extra NB Power costs associated with net metering?
How often will I be billed and for what billing period?
I currently receive an electricity bill from NB Power. Will I see any changes on my monthly invoice?
How is HST applied on the bill under the Net Metering Program?
I am currently on NB Power’s Equalized Payment Plan. Will I be able to continue with it?
Can I supply my own power needs with my generation unit if NB Power has a power outage?
How do I apply for NB Power's Net Metering program?
Do I have to sign a contract for net metering with NB Power?
When will my generation unit be able to be connected to the NB Power distribution system?
What happens to any remaining kilowatt hour energy credits if you move or close the account?
What needs do happen if I move and the new owner/tenant wants to start Net Metering?
Whom do I contact for more information about NB Power’s Net Metering program?
Where can I buy solar panels?
Who can install solar panels?
Where can I find a list of installers?
How would you recommend I pick an installer?
Does NB Power have to approve the system?
Does NB Power buy the surplus energy I will produce?
Does NB Power provide rebates for customers wanting to buy a system?
How much will a solar system generate?
How much will a wind system generate?
How much does a system cost?