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How can Net Metering help reduce MY NB Power bill?

Good question. Net metering can reduce your NB Power bill if the output of your generation unit is used to offset your electricity consumption from NB Power. Your bill will reflect the difference between the total amount of your electricity consumption and the electricity your generation unit produces over the billing period. This is the “net amount” of electricity.

Your monthly service charge, rental charges (if applicable) and HST applied to the total amount of electricity delivered each month.

Can I sell NB Power the extra electricity I produce?
Will my electricity rate be affected by enrolling in net metering?
How much money will I save by using the net metering program?
I have more than one meter/account. Can the excess electricity from my generation unit be used to offset more than one meter/account?
What are the steps involved in enrolling in net metering?
What kind of meter will I need to monitor my net consumption through net metering?
If I enrol in net metering, what additional costs will I incur?
Will I see any changes on my monthly invoice?
Will I be taxed only on the net amount of electricity I'm billed for?
Can I supply my own power needs with my generation unit if NB Power has a power outage?
Do I have to sign a contract for net metering with NB Power?
Will I receive an incentive or rebate for installing solar?