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Wind Energy

We are always looking for ways to serve New Brunswickers and to be even more reliable, efficient and responsible. That's why we have added wind energy to our renewable portfolio.

Renewable energy sources like wind are an important part of our overall commitment to customers, the environment and our neighbours in communities across the province. Our initial goal was to ensure that 40% of our total in-province electricity sales came from renewable energy resources, like wind, by the end of 2020. We surpassed this goal in 2019 and currently supply the province with 44 per cent renewable energy and 80 per cent non-emitting generation. Today, we have 355 MW of wind energy on our grid, which has the capacity to power approximately 180,000 homes in the province.

Here's more on the farms that help put that wind energy on our grid. 

Kent Hills Wind Farm

In 2007, we signed a 25-year power purchase agreement for 96 megawatts (MW) of wind power with TransAlta for the Kent Hills Wind Farm. Along with their local development partner, Natural Forces., TransAlta constructed a 96 MW wind power facility in the southeastern part of New Brunswick in Albert County which they own and operate. The facility began commercial operation in December 2008, becoming New Brunswick’s first wind farm. In order for the electricity produced at the Kent Hills Wind Farm to connect to NB Power’s electrical grid, we built a new 28.5 km transmission line that runs from the facility to the Salisbury terminal.

In January 2009, we signed another 25-year power purchase agreement, this one for 54 MW with TransAlta. As part of this agreement, they constructed an additional 18 wind turbines..

In late 2018 the facility added another 17.3 MW of capacity with the addition of another 5 wind turbines.

Check out this video we made with our education partner, The Gaia Project, to see more on how Kent Hills Wind Farm works.

Caribou Wind Park

Completed in October 2009, the Caribou Wind Park, located 70 miles west of Bathurst, began operation. The wind farm, operated by ENGIE, has 33 turbines and a 99 MW capacity.. Each turbine consists of an 80-metre tower, 45-metre long blades and a nacelle that is the size of a bus.

Lamèque Wind Farm

The Lamèque Wind Farm project is located on private land on Lamèque Island in Gloucester County in the north-east region of New Brunswick. In 2010, we signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with ACCIONA Energy to develop the 45 MW wind farm. To connect this farm to our grid, we constructed a 69 kV transmission line from the farm to an existing 69 kV line at a point near the Lamèque Substation. The wind farm consists of 30 1.5 MW wind turbines on over 3,100 acres of property. 

Wisokolamson Energy Project

The Wisokolamson Energy Project, developed by the Woodstock First Nation and SWEB Development, is a 18 MW renewable energy project located 12 kilometers West of Riverside-Albert. In 2018, we signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with Wisokolamson Energy LP. The project began construction in 2018. It was commissioned and began operation in 2019.

Wocawson Energy Project

In December 2020, the Wocawson Energy Project, a five-turbine wind farm with a capacity of 20 MW, located in Kings County, approximately 20 km northeast of Sussex, was commissioned and started supplying more renewable energy to the New Brunswick grid. The wind farm was developed by the Tobique First Nation and Natural Forces. In 2018, NB Power signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Wocawson Energy LP for this project.

Oinpegitjoig (Richibucto) Wind Project

The Oinpegitjoig Wind Project is a single turbine wind energy project in Richibucto, New Brunswick, which was commissioned in January 2020. The 3.8 MW project was developed by the Pabineau First Nation and Natural Forces. The project is part of NB Power's Embedded Generation Program which connects renewable energy sources on the local distribution network. The energy produced by this facility serves the local homes and businesses in the area.

Cap-Pelé Wind

The Cap-Pelé Wind Project is a 2.35 MW single turbine project located two kilometres southeast of Botsford Portage, in New Brunswick. The turbine is located on private land, beside the W. E. Acres Crab Meal facility about 800 metres from Highway 15. Cap-Pelé Wind is owned by WKB Community Wind and is part of NB Power's Embedded Generation Program. The electricity generated at this facility serves the local area.