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Water heating without the hassle

We know that reliable hot water is important for your business. With a low monthly rental rate, superior build quality, and 24/7 professional repair if something does go wrong, our water heater rental service is a must. For more information on which water heater is right for your business, take a look at the options below.

24/7 professional customer & emergency repair service  
Meets R2000/ ENERGY STAR® requirements  
No upfront costs  
Stable energy costs  
Lifetime maintence and replacement warranty  


Affordable service

Water Heaters
Size Price1
100 Gallon
455 litres
Starting as low
as $21.99
60 Gallon
279 litres
40 Gallon
184 litres
22 Gallon
100 litres


Note: 100g tanks are very large and require sufficient space and electrical requirements. We recommend speaking with an electrician to confirm your requirements before requesting a 100g water heater delivery.

For more information on selecting the right tank to fit your needs, please contact us at the number below.

Please visit Space, Plumbing, and Electrical Requirements for more details on requirements.

Prices are excluding applicable taxes



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