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Go Paperless Today


There has never been a better time to sign up for paperless billing with an NB Power online account!


Manage your account when and where works best for you.

Receive a monthly bill notification email to let you know your bill is ready and gain access to three years’ worth of bills to review anytime.


Enjoy more choice and added convenience.

As we continue to modernize the province’s power grid, we plan to add more tools and options to help you manage your account and your energy use.


Protect the environment.

By choosing to no longer receive bills in the mail, you’ll be helping the environment. If every customer switches to paperless bills, we’ll avoid more than 500,000 pounds of carbon emissions and save 700+ trees per year. 


Help keep rates as low as possible.

NB Power spends more than $2 million every year to print and mail customer bills. By switching to paperless, you can help us reduce operating costs which really add up across the province.








Create your online account and you’ll automatically be switched to paperless billing. All you need is a recent NB Power bill.

Step 1


Already have an online account? Simply log in and select Manage Contact Information and Alerts to add your email address.

Step 2



Did you know?

Your bill notification includes the amount due, when it’s due and the link to log in to your online account.

Through your secure online account, you can view the electronic version of your bill with all the same details you’re used to.

If you need a copy of a bill for paperwork, you can access bills from the last 36 months through your online account and print only what you need.


Don’t have an online account yet?

It’s quick and easy to set one up today. All you need is a recent bill.