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Efficiency for Business


Each year, you assign a budget to plan for business expenses like equipment purchases, or expansions and renovations to your premises. But don’t forget to invest in energy efficiency. When you prioritize energy upgrades as part of your business investment roadmap, you prepare yourself for future business growth.


Look forward

Energy efficiency can also have positive effects on other important aspects of your business, like:

  • Productivity
  • Employee comfort
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental responsibility

So, why wait? Line up your business investment roadmap with guidance from energy consultants and advice from NB Power. That way, you will ensure efficiency improvements and rebate opportunities are built in as part of your plans.

Which upgrades should I make?

Need help deciding which energy efficiency upgrades to prioritize for your business? We recommend that you:

  • Get an audit with an independent energy consultant
  • Use the audit as your roadmap to identify the most effective energy efficiency investments for your business
  • Take advantage of our energy efficiency programs and rebates for eligible upgrades

Get the ball rolling

Once you get the energy efficiency ball rolling, you’ll start to gather momentum. By prioritizing energy upgrades and making them part of your investment planning, you can complete more of these projects over time — and that will make a difference to your bottom line.

Our team is ready to help businesses like yours line up growth investment with energy saving projects. Why not learn how you can take advantage right now?