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The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 37 represents 81% of NB Power employees. We are proud to work with them on important issues such as employee health and safety.

The Electrical Contractors Association of New Brunswick (ECANB) is a long-standing professional Trade Association, representing Electrical Contractors throughout the province. As the employer counterpart to the IBEW, we work with them to ensure productivity and safety on our job sites.

We are working with the Construction Association of New Brunswick to help ensure electrical safety on construction sites throughout NB. 

We are collaborating with the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (NBFSC) to help ensure the public’s safety on snowmobile trails around our hydro facilities and dams. The NBFSC is a volunteer organization whose goal is to keep New Brunswick’s snowmobile trails safe and secure, while promoting snowmobiling for tourism in the province. 



The Town of Shediac is partnering with NB Power to help create a new energy future for our province through the Shediac Smart Energy Community Project. The Research and Demonstration Project will help us understand how new smart energy technologies will fit into the way customers use electricity, how they fit into the electricity grid, and how they can be used to the advantage of New Brunswickers and the electricity system. This exciting project includes a residential energy study, a community solar farm and two net-zero buildings.

We are working with Siemens as part of a partnership to integrate smart grid technology into our electrical system and build Canada's first Energy Systems Platform (ESP), which will enable communications between customers and their homes, power plants and distribution systems. The ESP will also make the power grid more efficient and less expensive for everyone’s benefit.

Smart Grid Atlantic is a four-year federally funded research and demonstration program to determine how energy technologies of the future can provide customer, community, and provincial benefits, such as cleaner local power, more renewable energy, new energy solutions and more reliable electricity. 



The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) is an international collaboration of researchers housed at the University of New Brunswick whose mandate is to develop the aquatic science needed to understand, protect, and sustain water resources for the region, nation, and the planet. The CRI is currently partnered with us in a long-term Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study (MAES) designed to explore the potential consequences for the St. John River and its headpond in support of the Mactaquac Project.

We have partnered with Plug ‘n Drive, Canada’s nationally recognized electric vehicle (EV) advocate, to accelerate the adoption of EVs to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. We are working with them to help New Brunswickers better understand electric vehicles and how they charge and the benefits they could provide to New Brunswick.  

On behalf of the Province of New Brunswick, NB Power is delivering the Plug-In NB Rebate Program which provides New Brunswick residents and organizations with rebates for the purchase or lease of eligible battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and for the purchase and installation of qualifying Level 2 vehicle charging stations. Transportation represents a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Brunswick. By replacing gas cars with electric vehicles, we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the vehicles we drive. The goal of this program is to increase the number of electric vehicles in New Brunswick and help meet the target of 20,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030.



We are working with the Atlantica Centre for Energy to help increase energy literacy as we continue to modernize the electricity grid and build a clean energy future for New Brunswick. The Centre’s independent voice has been and continues to be instrumental is providing energy information to the public, free of charge, in an effort to help make informed decisions on the province’s energy resources.

NB Power is a proud partner of the Centre of Excellence for Energy, an organization that provides New Brunswick students with hands-on learning, and career-related experience in the energy sector.

NB Power has partnered with the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research (CNER), a non-profit research and corrosion monitoring company located at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Fredericton campus, to help meet NB Power's requirement for nuclear energy workers.

Through this initiative, we’re taking a proactive approach to ensure the resources and skills are in place to support the needs of customers for years to come. It will also broaden learning opportunities for students, ensuring they are well-equipped with the necessary skills to enter the workforce.

We have been working with The Gaia Project for several years to educate and engage youth on energy related topics and to promote experiential and hands-on learning in French and English schools throughout the province. We fund the delivery of three programs: 

  • Energy Engineers is offered to elementary students. Students learn terminology, mathematics and science-based principles related to energy production, transportation and energy use. Students learn about energy generation and possible “green” careers.
  • Energy Detectives is delivered in middle schools (grades 6-8). Students measure the electricity needed to power various devices in and around the school by using meters and other hands-on tools.
  • Electrify your Ride is an outdoor, experiential program exposing high school students to an electric vehicle. Students also learn about sustainable transportation, energy storage and the smart energy grid.