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Our Policy

NB Power’s Environmental Policy is the foundation of environmental improvements within our company. As an energy provider, we strive to be a leader in environmental performance, responsibility and compliance while meeting our mandate to provide safe, reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy to our customers.

We have made significant progress in emission reduction for many years.

NB Power:

  • operates a grid that is approximately 80 per cent carbon free today, and
  • intends to achieve net zero by 2035.

At NB Power, we are committed to being a leader in environmental performance and reducing our environmental footprint. We acknowledge our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts associated with our operations. We are conscious of our responsibilities to continually improve our environmental performance by incorporating strategies and procedures that promote sound practices throughout our processes and facilities. Our environmental accomplishments build on the contribution of all our employees, as well as our contractors and suppliers.

In order to support our environmental leadership, we have established the following principles to guide us.

  1. Environmental Leadership by meeting or exceeding all applicable legislation, regulations, operating approvals and voluntary commitments.
  2. Commitment to Climate Change through an adaptation plan that continues to make us a leader in carbon emission reduction and more resilient to extreme weather events. This includes transitioning towards cleaner electricity production, including renewables, to reduce carbon emissions and the promotion of efficient use of electricity through internal and external programs.
  3. Utilization of Environmental Management Systems throughout our operations to prevent pollution, reduce waste, recycle and reuse materials and minimize the use of natural resources by establishing objectives, measuring progress and reporting results.
  4. Assessment of Compliance with regulatory requirements, internal processes and procedures to inform management of environmental performance, risks and opportunities.
  5. Visibility of Environmental Performance by providing information to our employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the public. We also solicit input from our employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the public to help achieve our environmental objectives.
  6. Training, Awareness and Necessary Support for employees to achieve our environmental commitments and encourage suppliers and contractors to implement effective environmental management practices consistent with those implemented by NB Power.
  7. Ongoing Research and Education to mitigate the environmental impacts of our hydro generating stations on the river ecosystem, ensuring fish biodiversity by developing fish habitat, fish passages and protecting the overall well-being of the fish.
  8. Reduction of Emissions through energy efficiency, building optimization and fleet management.


Effective Date: 2022/03/15


Our Environment
Our Policy