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Landlord Service Plan

We're pleased to offer a customer service program specifically for landlords in New Brunswick .

Here's how it works

When a tenant moves and notifies us to disconnect service, a meter reading will be taken and a final bill issued to the tenant. The power will, however, stay on, and the account will be automatically transferred to you, the landlord. You will not be charged a reconnection fee. It's convenient and automatic.

The responsibility for electrical service will be yours until a new tenant applies for service. You will be responsible for power consumption and service charges while the meter is in your name and to ensure that the new tenant requests reconnection. Once your new tenant makes this request, a meter reading will be taken to finalize your account and begin the new tenant's account.  Your new tenant must meet any necessary requirements prior to scheduling a meter reading.

Note: This program would replace any previous arrangements you may have had with us.

Tenant Confidentiality Assured

In the event a tenant's electricity is disconnected because of non-payment, you will not be notified nor will meters be automatically transferred to your name. This is because of NB Power's strict policy regarding account information confidentiality.

The Landlord Service Plan is FREE

If you're interested in the Landlord Service Plan, please print, complete and return the application form. There is absolutely no charge for this program and you may withdraw at any time by notifying us in writing. Good credit status is necessary for qualification.