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Flood Disconnection Information

NB Power is working closely with the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization to ensure our customers’ safety. For up-to-date flood information visit River Watch.

Disconnections - Customers who are experiencing flooding:

If rising water is in contact with or is expected to come into contact with your electrical facilities including receptacles, please call 1 800 663-6272 for an emergency disconnect. Public and employee safety remains our top priority and once water has receded, there will be a reconnection process in place to ensure both your personal safety as was well as the safety of your neighbours and your property.

You will need to call us to have your power disconnected in any of these situations:

  • The main electrical panel and/or meter and meter base are currently under water, or have been underwater.
  • The building may have been moved due to excessive water force or ice movement.
  • Visible damage to electrical service equipment on the exterior of your house, like the meter, meter base, service stack or conduits and grounding conductors.
  • The water height is above the level of electrical equipment or wiring devices like receptacles, baseboard heaters, furnaces, etc. This could also apply to sewage backup.

Disconnections - Customers who have had their power disconnected, but did not experience flooding:

For the safety of both you and your neighbours, NB Power may have to disconnect power to homes and businesses that are on the same electrical line as those who experience flooding. There may also be cases in which we have to disconnect power at the request of the office of the Chief Electrical Inspector.

If water is rising in your basement, please do not enter the area. If we are facing access restrictions, we will still complete emergency disconnections as quickly and safely as possible.

After a flood

If your power was disconnected during a flood, NB Power can safely reconnect your power after the following steps have been completed:

  1. Register with Service New Brunswick to activate the recovery process: 1 888 298-8555.
  1. Secure a licensed Electrical Contractor.
  1. If there is no water damage to any electrical facilities in the home, the qualified Electrical Contractor will provide the customer with an Emergency Repair Tag.
  1. If there is water damage that requires work to repair electrical facilities in the home, the customer will need to have the repairs completed by the contractor. Once up to code, the qualified Electrical Contractor will provide the customer with an Emergency Repair Tag.
  1. Call NB Power at 1 800 663-6272 to request reconnection. The customer must provide the Emergency Repair Tag number to initiate the request for reconnection.
  1. Ensure the Emergency Repair Tag is accessible. NB Power must have the e-tag for reconnection.

More flood cleanup information for electrical systems available here from the Department of Public Safety.

Water heaters


Has your home or seasonal property been affected by flooding? If your water heater has been exposed to water, it will need to be replaced. 

You must complete these safety requirements before calling us to book your replacement:

  • Accessibility:  Ensure the flooded area is now dry and clear of debris in addition to having a clear path for removal/replacement.
  • Power:  Before replacements are carried out, you must have power in order for the contractor to test the water heater after the replacement. If your power was disconnected due to flooding, please follow the steps above to get reconnected.
  • Shut off valve:  Since is it a plumbing code requirement, you must have a functional shut off valve near the tank so the plumber can isolate the tank to perform the work. If you do not have an existing or functioning shut off valve, this service can be provided at the same time of the replacement at an additional charge.
  • Electrical:  You must have the correct electrical requirements so we can replace your water heater. If the water heater was submerged in water (over the bottom panel) it is possible that it was disconnected at the electrical panel.  If so, ensure your licensed electrician has inspected the panel and reinstalled the breaker/fuse and left them in the off position. This will ensure your safety and will expedite the replacement service.

Your safety is important to us. Do not tamper with the water heater or its electrical components as it is a safety hazard. If you have any questions, please call us at 1 800 663-6272.

After a flood

Ensure the e-tag is accessible. NB Power must have the e-tag for reconnection.

Emergency Repair Tag Permit