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Planning For Your Future


Thinking Ahead

At NB Power we work hard every day to serve the people of New Brunswick, and we think our track record shows that our team is doing a good job. We know though, that it is only through constant improvement, research and vision that we will be able to make sure we are making the right decisions for the future and ensure we are prepared to respond and seize opportunities.

We're committed to taking care of the earth. We've incorporated renewable energy sources like wind into our energy mix and we've introduced programs to help New Brunswickers realize energy savings by using renewable energy themselves. We are committed to working with and for the people of New Brunswick .

We're starting at the beginning. Through our school programs we're helping educate youth about energy safety, conservation and sustainability.

We're listening. We also want to serve you better. Our commitment to our customers is stronger than ever. We will continue to work with New Brunswickers to find the best ways to make powering your homes and businesses as easy and worry-free as possible.

Explore this website to find out more about the exciting and innovative ways we're taking NB Power – your electricity utility– into the future.