NB Power

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Did You Know?

  • Fraser's Mill in Millbank was NB Power's first customer in 1921.
  • Hydro power drove NB Power's first generating station - a dam on the Musquash River. Today, hydro power makes up about a quarter of NB Power's total installed capacity.
  • Stretched end to end, NB Power lines would reach 32,000 km, almost around the world.
  • NB Power was the first Canadian utility to establish major interconnections with other utilities - allowing NB Power to buy and sell electricity.
  • Province-wide, NB Power looks after more than 70,000 street lights.
  • NB Power uses five fuels to generate electricity - oil, coal, uranium, water and diesel.
  • NB Power delivers electricity to over 340,000 direct and indirect customers in the province.
  • The Saint John Electric Light Company started business in 1884, becoming the province's first power company.
  • The plant that the Saint John Electric Light Company built on Paradise Row was the first in the province to generate electricity for commercial sale.
  • In 1893, Saint John boasted New Brunswick 's first electric trolley system.
  • Completed in 1983, the Point Lepreau generating station is the only nuclear power plant in Atlantic Canada.