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Net Metering

Considering Solar?


We're happy you've decided to explore our Net Metering program. As New Brunswickers, we know the power of renewable resources. We also know that, for you, saving money and being environmentally responsible is important. That's why we created the Net Metering program.

The program provides you with the option to connect your own environmentally sustainable generation unit to NB Power's distribution system, allowing you to generate your own electricity to offset your family’s or business consumption. And when your system is unable to meet your electricity needs, NB Power is right there serving you seamlessly.

You can find a list of solar installers who have successfully completed solar projects with our customers to help you get started. This list of local solar installers is provided for information purposes only. NB Power is not making any recommendations with regard to the content of this list, and you should not rely on the provision of this list by NB Power as the basis for making any consumer, legal or other decisions. NB Power accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this list, which simply represents local solar installers used by existing net metering customers.

When selecting your installation company, it is best to get more than one quote and ask about options. Asking for options may present some opportunities that may be attractive to you. If you're not sure where to start, check out these tips for hiring a solar contractor.

Rebates are available to offset the cost of installing your renewable energy system!

For any New Brunswick homeowners considering installing solar, please visit our Total Home Energy Savings Program, found within the For Your Home section of our SaveEnergyNB website, prior to any work being started. Start by registering in NB Power’s Total Home Energy Savings Program first and benefit from both programs.

For any New Brunswick-based businesses considering installing a renewable energy system, please visit our Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program or Industrial Energy Efficiency Program, found within the For Your Business section of our SaveEnergyNB website, prior to any work being started.

With net metering, you’re not only saving money by reducing your own power consumption, but you’re doing so in a way that helps keep our province greener! Below are some simple steps to help you research and enrol in the program:

STEP 1 You and system designer
Submit net metering application
STEP 2 You and system designer
Receive application approval
STEP 3 System designer and Electrical contractor
Install equipment
STEP 4 Electrical contractor and NB Department of Public Safety -
Technical Inspection Services

Inspect installation
STEP 5 NB Power
Upgrade meter
STEP 6 NB Power
Connect to grid


Step 1

Submit Net Metering Application

Your system designer will assist you in filling out your program application form, gathering the required supporting documentation and ensuring you understand the Terms & Conditions of the program. Additional resources can be found in our Net Metering Application Package.


Step 2

Receive application approval - Target 10 business days

NB Power will review your application package to confirm the following qualifications are met. Your generation unit must

  • not exceed 100 kW in Nameplate Capacity (maximum capacity at the AC interconnection)
  • use renewable energy sources as prescribed in the provincial government`s Electricity from Renewable Resources Regulation 2015-60, including sources like solar, wind and hydro
  • use equipment certified for use in the Province of New Brunswick
    • please refer to our Interconnection Specifications in the Net Metering Application package for more information on what equipment is certified

Upon approval of the application, you will receive a letter from NB Power welcoming you to the program and identifying important milestones in your upcoming project.

Step 3

Install equipment – Typically 30-90 business days

Typically, your installer will order and install the necessary equipment for your project and your electrical contractor will apply for the appropriate wiring permit(s). All projects require an electrical wiring permit from a licensed electrician and must be inspected and approved by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services (TIS) prior to connection. Your electrical contractor should ask TIS about what is needed before starting the project. For more information, visit the Department of Public Safety for more information on electrical inspections.

Step 4

Inspect installation - Typically 10 business days

After your equipment is installed, your electrical contractor will schedule and oversee the inspection by Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services (TIS). TIS will notify NB Power of the successful inspection, at which time we will schedule the upgrade of your meter.

Step 5

Upgrade meter - Target 10 business days

A special type of meter with bidirectional capabilities will replace your existing meter. This new meter provides readings for the electricity you use from NB Power and the excess electricity your system transfers to NB Power’s distribution grid. Powering your generator up before this meter is in place and you receive written approval from NB Power could result in billing irregularities.

Step 6

Connect to grid – Target 5 business days

Once your meter upgrade process is complete, NB Power will send you a final letter of enrolment to the program after which you can turn on your generator and begin saving!

On the invoice following your enrolment, you will see your actual electricity use but be billed for the net usage. A separate monthly statement will be sent to you via email or mail that will provide further details such as cumulative credits banked.


Key Items to Remember

All projects require an electrical wiring permit from a licensed electrician and must be inspected and approved by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services prior to connection.

The generator can only be turned on if

  • the bidirectional meter is installed
  • you have received written approval from NB Power to turn on the generator


Download the Net Metering Application Package.



Questions about Net Metering?

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